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Bonsheng Machinery Accessories is one of experienced manufacture in Hengshui Hebei China. We offer quality bakelite Accessories products such as handle and knob, location calculator, dial gauge, hinge, lathe working light, lathe cooling pipe, riveter etc. which are widely used in machine tools, combined lathes, woodworking lathe and print packing, textile, light industry, mines, automobile, foodstuff, medical care etc. mach [more...]

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Star Knob With Threaded Stud

Star Knob With Threaded Stud

Mini-index Plungers with or without stop
Mini-index Plungers with or without stop

Mounting Foot
Mounting Foot

two spoke handwheel
Two spoke handwheel with folding handle

Floor-Anchor Mounting Foot
Mounting Foot

hand wheel series

Two spoke handwheel with revolving handle

Mounting Foot
Mounting Foot

three spoke hand wheel
Three arm handwheel

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